Monday, May 14, 2012

The Black Knights Map released

Hi Guys!
I have finished my Strategy Map for The Black Knights Adventure today, one of the bigger Adventures but it's quite easy to play and can easily be played alone.

I used a combination of different Strategies to reduce losses as much as possible, to do this two Camps are blocked and an Elitesoldier is used.
Only Recruits are sacrificed in this Strategy, but there is a very small chance of losing a few Soldiers at the last Castle, but it's still the best way I could come up with to beat that Castle.

I actually recorded a Video of the Blocks as well... but my Recorder Program decided to only record a black Screen, gonna re-record those another day.

The Black Knights 250 Strategy Map

Enjoy :

I have re-recorded the Videos for the Adventure, 2 small Videos for each of the Blocks and one with a full playthrough.

Video Demonstrations
Block 1
Block 2
Full Playthrough

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